K.N. Enterprises had a humble and modest beginning in the year 2007. A clear vision along with determination and commitment, have gone a long way in helping us to achieve successful results. As a part of K N Enterprises, we extended our business in the name of Cane Crush in the same year. After seeing the success and getting the inspiration from the prosperity of Cane Crush business in the industry, Kafe Kuteera was launched with flying colours in the year 2009.

Cane Crush the India's leading producers of Sugar Cane Juice, have established 30 outlets in and around Bangalore.

Cane Crush is a company that has glittering present and sparkling future. Within a short span of time, we have made the name for consistent quality and service . We have carved a name in the industry for our hygienic and good quality sugar cane juices that we tender across all our outlets.

We believe, our customers are our greatest assets. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate motto. The number of outlets opened by us proves the satisfied customers which we have obtained over the years.

Now, we also have our outlets at ITPL, WIPRO and Maruti chambers, Big Bazaar and many outlets at reputed corporates and popular malls in and around Bangalore, speaks for itself about our company's reputation.

Through a concentrated effort and determined purpose, we are confident that we will provide our customers with the best value, quality, service and price.

We seek to provide opportunities for growth and enrichment to our employees, our business partners and the communities in which we operate. And in everything we do, we strive for honesty, fairness, integrity, reliability, long-standing relationships and trust.

At cane crush , we do not stop at giving the customers just a glass of juice, we are synonymous with high nutritional value and quality.

Inspired by the success of Cane Crush in the Industry, Kafe Kuteera was launched with great ambitions and a humble and modest beginning in the year 2009. A clear vision along with determination and commitment, have gone a long way in helping us to achieve successful results. The passion to deliver the authentic and aromatic South Indian filter Coffee has made us to enter into Hospitality Industry through Kafe Kuteera. This has drawn an ever satisfied customers to us. Soon we are launching few more outlets in and around bangalore with a commitment to excell and to innovate for people from all walks of life. We at Kafe Kuteera deliver fresh, aromatic and sensationally simple coffee. We are in : Verismo, Concentrix, July System, Goodrich, ITPL, Wipro, Private Hotels and many more ...

For over 6 years, the Kafe Kuteera has become the favorite gathering spot for techies, foreign clients. They love its down-to-earth feel, delectable baked goods made onsite daily and of course, and amazing Estate coffees. Now with four locations (and a fifth in the works in Bend, OR) in outdoor recreation destinations, you can start more adventures with a cup of Kafe Kuteera Coffee. As you can see, the new Online Store, Kafe Kuteera coffee is only a click away. In a few days’ time, you could be experiencing that same amazing cup of coffee you first experienced on the hill, or on the river, every morning to start your day. And for a brief moment, you can recharge your battery and relive that unforgettable holiday when you first experienced Kafe Kuteera coffee.

The basic Ries required to operate our outlet in your premises are as follows:

  • 15x15 Sq. Ft. space
  • Waste Water Chamber
  • Water for Washing and Drinking
  • Power 6 W